Update May 17, 2018: Thanks to all of you who participated in the user research that helped us develop the themes for this year’s program (they’re listed below), and who also suggested speakers. We’re now reviewing speaker submissions and are developing the program. Join our mailing list so you’ll be the first to know when the program is live.

—Dave Malouf, Kristin Skinner, Abby Covert, & Lou Rosenfeld (program chairs)


THEME 1: Communicating the Value of DesignOps

We are looking for speakers who have clear perspective on how to define DesignOps for the purpose of selling the idea and communicating its value organization-wide. Do you know someone who has identified an opportunity for DesignOps or ResearchOps to have measurable impact? We want to hear their story. (speaker submissions now closed)

THEME 2: Growing People and Teams

We are looking for speakers who can share stories on how they have created organizational structures in support of DesignOps and ResearchOps. We want to hear what teams go through as they grow, and how they deal with recruiting, hiring, onboarding, cultivating culture, outlining career paths, mapping out guiding design principles, and learning & development.  (speaker submissions now closed)

THEME 3: Integrating DesignOps

We are looking for speakers who have something to teach the DesignOps community about integrating DesignOps and ResearchOps into their organization. They have processes outlined, deliverables to share and strategies for everything from prioritization to executive cat herding.  (speaker submissions now closed)

THEME 4: Methodologies and Work Environments

We are looking for speakers from a diverse set of work environments with experience in a variety of methodologies. Do you know someone who has implemented DesignOps in an agile environment or team? A distributed team? A small organization? A massive organization? Do you know someone doing really cutting edge thinking into methodologies like knowledge management or ResearchOps? (speaker submissions now closed)