Design Operations Cover

Design Operations

Program Management for Design at Scale

By Jacqui Frey

To be published: 2021

Design Operations is on the rise at organizations around the world. In Design Operations, you’ll gain an understanding of DesignOps’ role in growing design organizations. Written for both design and business leaders, you’ll learn how to establish and mature the operations of design teams of any size.

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Table of Contents


Part 1: Program Management and DesignOps

Chapter 1: Program Management
Chapter 2: What Is Design Operations?

Part 2: Design Operations Programs

Chapter 3: DesignOps for Production and Quality
Chapter 4: DesignOps for Business Operations
Chapter 5: DesignOps for Talent Development
Chapter 6: DesignOps for Organization Management

Part 3: DesignOps Blueprints

Chapter 7: Building Program Blueprints
Chapter 8: Planning DesignOps Blueprints
Chapter 9: Selling DesignOps