Why Changing Hearts & Minds Doesn’t Work When Promoting DE&I Efforts, but Checklists Do

Across the industry, design teams are focused on growing and supporting a diverse workforce. But current efforts are often unsuccessful — and despite an increase in time, effort and money behind organization’s DE&I efforts, most teams remain unchanged (and very white).

To truly address bias and support diversity efforts, teams need to stop focusing on feelings and instead create hiring and performance review systems that prevent individuals from acting on their bias. As a Design Enablement and Operations practice, we have worked with designers and their teams to build practices that standardize hiring criteria and reduce the impact of individuals’ bias and racism.

In this workshop, we will work together to:

  • Define tangible core competencies that define each job and the criteria hiring and performance are measured on
  • Create a Portfolio Review “Cheat Sheet” that allows a team to review a candidate with an anti-bias approach
  • Review examples of performance review and correct instances of bias