Streamlining an Inclusive Design Practice

Often times our design principles become a propped-up trophy that we’re proud of but never truly use. Or we don’t even realize this trophy may be dusty and needs some cleaning up. This ideology could be applied to our design principles or design process, and hinder us from creating a more updated practice that is inclusive and equitable for our teams to interact with, understand, and improve our products. The very practice and values that our teams live by should be embedded with inclusion and equity at the forefront of what we do, not the end.

This talk is meant to help reimagine what an Inclusive design practice could look like for you and your teams, in hopes that you’ll be able to walk away with a framework or awareness of a streamlined practice that’s conducive to a diverse team. As an Equity-Centered UX Strategist, I collaborate with Design teams to ensure we’re building toward a more equitable practice that’s foundational and not faulty.