Balsamiq is the maker of the industry-leading rapid wireframing software that combines the simplicity of paper sketching with the power of a digital tool so that teams can focus on what’s important. Balsamiq is a small and personable company that competes on usability and customer service. Balsamiq believes work should be fun, and that life is too short for bad software.

Rosenfeld Media Interviews Billy Carlson of Balsamiq

We asked Billy Carlson, Design Educator, at Balsamiq, some questions that get at the heart of why they’re passionate about enterprise design, what it’s like to work at Balsamiq, and what makes their products and services special to designops professionals.

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Soft Skills for UX Designers

What is the most important skill needed for a UX Designer to be effective today? Empathy, common sense, negotiation and diplomacy: with these soft skills in your toolbox, you can go from being a good designer to being an effective one.

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Wireframing is not just making sketches; it’s about team communication. Make handoffs clear, know why you’re wireframing, and annotate your work. Roles like Product Managers, Designers, and Developers all benefit from wireframing for different reasons. PMs can clarify requirements and sketch ideas, designers can generate multiple options, and developers can understand what’s easy or hard to code. So yeah, wireframing is great for teams, not just designers.