Nina Jurcic
Design Manager; Design System & DesignOps Advisor

Nina is a multidisciplinary designer and design leader that spent the last decade building apps, brands, complex platforms and design systems. In her last role at relayr she led the remote design system team that empowered relayr IIOT product stack for predictive maintenance. Nina played a crucial role in fostering a culture of cross-functional collaboration as the organisation was transitioning from consultancy to product model, while supporting strategic and operational aspects of the Product Design squad, setting the bar for design excellence, steering product moonshots, and future narratives.

Nina positions herself as a coach or sparring partner who facilitates change and collaboration, empowering design teams to deliver strategic outcomes with a focus on growth, impact, and efficiency. She is passionate about promoting industry best practices and giving back to the community as co-lead of the DesignOps Assembly Berlin chapter.

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