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Enterprise Experience 2019

June 3-5, 2019 | San Francisco, CA

The Enterprise Experience 2019 conference was dedicated to delivering useful, delightful, and humane experiences to people who work for and in enterprises.

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About #EX2019

Enterprise problems are uniquely wicked ones, with overwhelming challenges of scale, complexity, and distributed decision-making, all intertwined with the vagaries of organizational behavior.

The 2019 edition of our conference had a new name—Enterprise Experience—and with it, two new use cases:

  1. Helping UX leaders and managers more effectively partner with their peers in product management, CX and other parts of the enterprise that share responsibility for delivering great experiences
  2. Helping enterprise UX practitioners up-level their skillsets to become “enterprise-ready”.

Program Themes

Theme 1: Enterprise Career Journey

Stories of and lessons from successful careers in the enterprise, full of sound practical advice and tangible best practices for thriving within an enterprise setting.

Theme 2: Enterprise Team Journey

Teams Work How People Work: You’re part of a cross-functional team dedicated to creating an amazing product experience. You’re an essential piece of a larger puzzle. But how does your piece mesh with all the others?

Theme 3: Enterprise Product Journey

Cross-functional case studies that demonstrate how different functions within a large enterprise (e.g., product, design, engineering) can collaborate to develop and deliver products and services.

Theme 4: Enterprise Organizational Journey

In the software development lifecycle, each member has their organization’s goals in mind, and their company’s goals in mind, but they don’t always know everybody else’s goals or concerns. We’ll explore how these facets can work together in different organizational situations.

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