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Bring your DesignOps Story to Life! The Definitive DesignOps Book Jam


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Your DesignOps journey is a story of ups and downs, lessons learned, and victories won. Join new and veteran DPMs alike in shaping the forthcoming Rosenfeld book, The Design Conductors: Your Essential Guide to Design Operations. Authors Rachel Posman and John Calhoun will guide you through an interactive session to collect the burning questions, inspiring successes, and real-world examples of how DesignOps is practiced in real life by our amazing community, including:

  • Getting into DesignOps
  • The skills and competencies of a DPM
  • DesignOps in the context of your team and organization
  • The tools in your DesignOps toolkit
  • DesignOps case studies you most want to see

Join us on this journey and make your mark on the future of DesignOps!