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The Rosenverse is the place for UX and product professionals to access high-quality content, engage with the community, and tap into the collective knowledge of the field.

Our Rosenverse library archive, included with membership, provides a comprehensive resource of UX content spanning nearly a decade—it’s the perfect addition to your research process. Plus, Gold members get access to the Rosenbot, an expert-trained GPT-4-level AI for all things UX.

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What does a Rosenverse membership come with?

Free members get access to a wealth of resources at no cost, including:

  • • A full calendar of free Community events featuring experts and practitioners discussing topics such as Artificial Intelligence, design maturity, leadership, climate UX, and more
  • • A treasure trove of Rosenfeld Community event recordings—going back years!
  • • A subscription to the biweekly Rosenfeld Report newsletter, brimming with hand-curated resources in each issue
  • • Access to the 12,000+ member Slack community

Gold members enjoy all the benefits of free membership, plus:

  • • 1,000+ conference talk recordings, decks, and sketchnotes
  • • Access to the Rosenbot, a GPT-4-level AI trained on the expertise of thousands of UX authors, presenters and experts
  • • Discounts on all of our books and conferences


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Frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between free and paid memberships?

Paid memberships include access to all conference content, including session recordings, session and sketchnotes, and decks, 30 days after each conference ends. Paid memberships also include special discounts on workshops and books.

What if I’ve previously ordered from Rosenfeld or attended a community call? Do I need to set up a member account?

If you already have an account, please log in to use the Rosenverse. If you do not have an account for our website, you must create one.

What about ebooks that I’ve already purchased?

You will have access to your purchased ebooks regardless of your membership status.

Can the discounts apply retroactively?

No; you can only apply discounts to future purchases after you become a member.

How do I keep up with all these offerings?

We’ll send you occasional emails when we launch new books, workshops, and conferences.

What will you do with my information?

We will never sell or lease your personal information. Learn more in our privacy policy.

What if I want to cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time; access will expire at the end of the original term of your membership. You can change your account settings here.

Will more content be added?

Yes! We produce four conferences a year, so every three months you will receive access to the new conference content. New community call recordings for each of our communities are added every month, and we continuously add new features. Please let us know what content and functionality you would like to see added.

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