Design Beyond Devices Cover

Design Beyond Devices

Creating Multimodal, Cross-Device Experiences

By Cheryl Platz

To be published: 2020
Your customer has five senses and a small universe of devices. Why aren’t you designing for all of them? Go beyond screens, keyboards, and touchscreens by letting your customer’s humanity drive the experience—not a specific device or input type. Learn the techniques you’ll need to build fluid, adaptive experiences for multiple inputs, multiple outputs, and multiple devices.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Creating the World We Want to Live In
Chapter 2: Capturing Customer Context
Chapter 3: Understanding Busy Humans
Chapter 4: Activity, Interrupted
Chapter 5: The Language of Devices
Chapter 6: Expressing Intent
Chapter 7: The Spectrum of Multimodality
Chapter 8: It’s a (Multimodal) Trap!
Chapter 9: Lost in Transition
Chapter 10: Let’s Get Proactive
Chapter 11: Breathe Life into the Unknown
Chapter 12: From Envisioning to Execution
Chapter 13: Beyond Devices: Human + AI Collaboration
Chapter 14: Beyond Reality: XR, VR, MR, AR
Chapter 15: Should You Build It?