Design Beyond Devices Cover

Design Beyond Devices

Creating Multimodal, Cross-Device Experiences

By Cheryl Platz

To be published: 2020

News of the website’s death has been greatly exaggerated, but we can no longer assume our customers will sit down at a single device to complete tasks. Reality is more complicated: a single experience might span a website, a mobile app, a smart speaker, and a car. The future is multi-modal… and multi-device. It’s time for us to abandon our preoccupation with being “mobile first” or “voice first”. We must embrace new frameworks for modeling human experience and a multidevice perspective. Only then can our products adapt to human needs in the moment, as opposed to forcing adaptations upon us.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Setting the Scene
Chapter 2: Lights, Cameras, Action
Chapter 3: Playing the Part: Activity Framework
Chapter 4: Activity, Interrupted
Chapter 5: (Dis)embodied
Chapter 6: To Be or Not to Be
Chapter 7: Multimodal Interaction Model
Chapter 8: Multimodal Traps
Chapter 9: Delivering Multimodal Designs
Chapter 10: Beyond Devices
Chapter 11: Device-Agnostic Design
Chapter 12: Cross-Device Challenges
Chapter 13: Notifications
Chapter 14: Identity and Shared Use
Chapter 15: Artificial Intelligence
Chapter 16: The Final Frontier
Chapter 17: The Road Ahead