Orchestrating Experiences

Collaborative Design for Complexity

By Christopher Risdon & Patrick Quattlebaum

  • Orchestrating Experiences Cover
  • Nearly twenty years ago, organizations began to adopt new vocabularies, processes, and tools to expand their customer touchpoints into the digital realm. Collectively we’ve invented a new practice, but the increasing interconnectedness of our products and services means we must continue to advance our design approach. Orchestrating Experiences provides a pragmatic set of principles, methods, and advice for designing coherent, engaging end-to-end experiences. This unifying approach will ensure you keep focus on customer needs across time and space while building a culture of cross-functional collaboration.

    This book will help you:

    • More successfully think about and design for cross-channels experiences
    • Understand how time and space impact how people experience your product or service
    • Facilitate cross-functional collaboration to define human-centered strategies
    • Resolve organizational complexity in support of end-to-end customer experiences

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    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1: Orchestrating Touchpoints
    Chapter 2: Experiences Unfold Over Time and Space
    Chapter 3: Science Before Adventure
    Chapter 4: Mapping the Experience
    Chapter 5: Experience Strategy
    Chapter 6: Envisioning New Experiences
    Chapter 7: Siloed Organizations Lead to Fragmented Experiences
    Chapter 8: Orchestrating the Design Process
    Chapter 9: Skills for Taming Complexity