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  • 5% off all 50+ Rosenfeld books (print and ebook formats)
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  • 40+ presentations annually—featuring engaging speakers like Dan Hill, Jamika Burge, many Rosenfeld authors, and more
  • Access to an archive of 100+ recordings of past presentations
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  • 15% off all 50+ Rosenfeld books (print and ebook formats)
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  • US$75 off any Rosenfeld conference ticket
  • Access to an archive of 900+ recordings of conference sessions by John Maeda, Kevin Bethune, Maria Giuidice, Tricia Wang, Jeff Gothelf, and other world-class speakers from our 20+ past conferences
  • Decks, sketchnotes, session notes, and session resource lists for past conference sessions
  • Access to future Rosenfeld conferences’ session recordings and other materials, starting 30 days after each event has concluded—that’s 4 conferences per year!


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$16.67/month billed annually per user
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  • White glove customer service from Rosenfeld to help you manage your team’s membership access
  • Custom facilitated attendee cohorts at Rosenfeld virtual conferences, book clubs and workshops for groups of 8 or more staff
  • A free author presentation when you purchase 50+ copies of a Rosenfeld book
  • Direct access to high-quality experts who teach corporate workshops