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Steve Diller
Co-author of Blind Spot

About Steve

Steve Diller leads Scansion, a firm that identifies, shapes and builds experiences and relationships that transform markets and businesses. As an “experience strategist,” Steve brings a unique perspective, rooted in the “time-based arts,” such as film and music, as well as anthropology and cognitive psychology, that makes it possible to optimize any offering in an era of rapid technological and social change. His and Scansion’s clients have ranged from the Fortune 100 to start-ups, including: Yahoo!, Autodesk, Chrysler, Logitech, Intel, Gannett, The Washington Post Co., P&G, The Economist Group, Carhartt, DirecTV, GM, Electrolux, Microsoft, and AAA.

Prior to forming Scansion, Steve was Senior Vice-President of Brand Strategy at Added Value, and before that was a Partner and Director of Innovation at Cheskin. Before Cheskin, he owned a film production company and produced and directed several feature films. Steve is also a founding member of the faculty at California College of the Arts’ MBA in Design Strategy program, teaching Market Insights and Social Ventures.

Steve received a Master’s Degree in Public Policy Studies from the University of Chicago, a Bachelor’s Degree in History from Carleton College, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Film from Columbia College. Steve is co-author of Rosenfeld Media title Blind Spot: Illuminating the Hidden Value of Business.