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Kevin Cheng
Author of See What I Mean

About Kevin

Kevin Cheng is the co-founder of Incredible Labs, where they are training a mobile personal assistant named Donna. Previously, he was a product manager at Twitter, leading the redesign of the website; the director of user experience at the gaming social network Raptr; and the designer of Yahoo! Pipes. He also co-founded the user experience web comic OK/Cancel.

He holds a master’s degree from University College London in human computer interaction and ergonomics, and has presented about design, comics, and augmented reality at numerous conferences including Interaction, IA Summit, User Interface Conference, UXWeek, and South by Southwest. He likes the flavor of the blue crayons the best.

Kevin blogs at kev/null and also shares his thoughts on Twitter (@k). One day, Kevin hopes to be able to answer all questions related to design by simply referencing comic strips.

Kevin is the author of Rosenfeld Media title See What I Mean: How to Use Comics to Communicate Ideas.