Conference Themes

The industry-defining event for people who build and lead design operations. Join us to learn more about how to succeed in DesignOps as a team of one, a team, and as an organization

Theme 1

Establishing and Growing DesignOps

Curated by Kristin Skinner, Co-author, Org Design for Design Orgs

Getting started with Design Operations can be a daunting task. Considerations include what to call it, who should do the work, how to get funding, and what does success look like. We’ll begin by sharing examples and practical advice on how to establish DesignOps as a function and a role, and share practical advice and outcomes from those who have succeeded. We’ll be inspired by teams of one to teams that serve hundreds of thousands of customers, and you’ll gain practical insights and knowledge that you can apply in your own practice.

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Theme 2

Successful Outcomes for DesignOps Teams

Curated by Bud Caddell, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, NOBL

Once leadership buy-in has been secured, the team staffed, and initial wins are confidently put on the board, the art and science of honing an ever better DesignOps team kicks in. DesignOps leaders must hold fast to effective norms as the team scales, persuade peers and partners with increasing finesse, and, of course, continue to deliver remarkable outcomes. On Day 2 of DesignOps Summit, join us as we learn from the hard-won wisdom of maturing DesignOps teams, including: tools of the trade, scaling strategies, deploying standards and systems, staffing models, and more.

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Theme 3

The Future of DesignOps

Curated by Alana Washington, Senior Design Manager, Uber Freight

The Design Operations field has reached a new level of maturity. We’ve moved from defining and advocating for the role’s existence to pushing the boundaries of all that the domain might include. On Day 3 of Design Ops summit, join us as we consider where and how the practice will grow next. Career journey frameworks, future pathing, sub-specialities, analogous organizational roles - we’ll consider all of this, and more, as we explore and define the future of Design Operations, together.

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