Sabrina Mach
Head of Customer Experience, Product and Design, Thoughtworks Germany

Sabrina is a passionate human-centered design advocate, strategist, future thinker, and change maker with over 15 years of experience.

As Head of Customer Experience, Product and Design for ThoughtWorks Germany, Sabrina leads a team of product strategists, experience designers, and product engineers.

Sabrina’s passion is to create an environment that encourages collaboration between people with diverse backgrounds and expertise, so that they are able to create outstanding products and services. She supports organisations in putting a human-centered mindset at the center of their product and service design process. Sabrina brings a future thinking mindset to everything that she does, gets others excited for the future vision, and then forges ahead together with them to create it and bring it to life.

When Sabrina isn’t designing the future together with diverse and human-centered teams… She loves to visit brutalist architecture which manifests the architect‘s utopia in concrete. She enjoys improv acting. She doodles and sketches for fun, but also to open people’s minds to reflect on the areas of the unknown.

Sessions by Speaker
How to Design Your Design Operating Model
Wednesday, September 29, 2021 | 12:40pm - 1:25pm PT