April Reagan
Researcher and Author, Palm Trees + Robots, LLC

April Reagan is a veteran of the high-tech world turned futurologist. She has worked for Intel, Microsoft, Samsung, and Fjord Design and Innovation (part of Accenture Interactive), among others, from Software Engineer Senior Program Director and now Principal Researcher. She has worked with clients across retail, financial services, consumer products, wireless communications, and digital media, as well as collaborating with non-profits to envision what’s possible in the future.

Motivated to increase awareness of the value of foresight and futures thinking, she started her company, Palm Trees and Robots, to guide companies, communities, and students in preparing for the future in an uplifting and proactive way. Her first project was writing a book, Bridge Makers: Becoming a Citizen Futurist, published by New Degree Press.

Sessions by Speaker
Look, Think, Act: The Futures-Smart Design Organization
Friday, October 1, 2021 | 1:40pm - 2:25pm PT