Civic Design 2021

December 8-10 2021

A new Rosenfeld Media conference astride the intersection of design and the public sector.

Meet the curators

  1. Ariel Kennan, Senior Fellow, Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation
  2. Sarah Brooks, IBM Distinguished Designer
  3. Martha Dorris, Founder and CEO, Dorris Consulting International
  4. Charlotte Lee, founder and CE, Monday Design Company

Governments—national, regional, and municipal—deliver a mind-boggling array of complex services to users who number in the billions. These services are digitizing at a rapid pace, while governments themselves face crushing pressures to reduce their budgets and, even, to justify their existence.

Against this backdrop, customer and user experience are emerging as critical to the ability of governments to fulfill their responsibilities. Civic Design 2021 is the first conference to curate the best practices from both government and private sectors, with the goal of enabling anyone who works in—or with—government agencies to deliver better user and customer experiences.