Civic Design 2021

December 8-10 | a virtual conference

A new conference for people who work in the intersection of design and the public sector.


Civic Design 2021 is for:

  1. UX and CX designers and managers
  2. Public sector-serving analysts, vendors, and service providers
  3. Anyone who wants to help governments deliver better experiences to the people they serve

Join us for the inaugural Civic Design conference to explore design as it intersects with the public sector. Together we’ll define and learn to embed civic design from the perspectives of people working in different levels of government across the globe.

We’ll dive deep into the tools and mindsets for creating lasting change, designing accessible and equitable services, and buying and hiring for the needed skills. And we’ll look beyond today’s challenges, exploring how civic design can be a force for justice, equity, and resiliency in the face of the challenges ahead.


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