Conference Team


Bria Alexander
Design Program Manager, Adobe
Angelos Arnis
DesignOps Lead, Posti Group
Meredith Black
Co-founder and Chief Community Officer, DesignOps Assembly
John Calhoun
Senior Director of Design Operations, Salesforce
Michelle Chin
Principal DesignOps Manager, Citrix
Tess Dixon
Design Manager, Condé Nast
Natalie M. Dunbar
Senior Manager, UX Content Strategy (Walmart+), Walmart
Christopher Taylor Edwards
Product Designer and Strategist, Lead, Thoughtworks
Tim Gilligan
Design Chief of Staff, Capital One
Phil Hesketh
Founder, Consent Kit
Saara Kamppari-Miller
User Experience Designer and Inclusive DesignOps Lead, Intel
Sabrina Mach
Head of Customer Experience, Product and Design, Thoughtworks Germany
Alicia Mooty
Group Program Manager, Adobe
Tygre Morehart
Lead Designer, McGraw Hill
April Reagan
Researcher and Author, Palm Trees + Robots, LLC
Benjamin Real
Independent Professional
Laine Riley Prokay
Lead Design Program Manager, UX Operations, Salesforce
Christina Rodriguez
Senior Design Producer, Zendesk
Valerie Roske
Lead Software Developer, Thoughtworks
Susan Salgado
Founder, Grason Consulting
Kristin Sundermeyer
Director of Design Operations, McGraw Hill
Briana Thomas
Senior Design Producer, Zendesk
Tony Turner
UX Lead, Progressive Insurance
Nina Wainwright
Principal Programme Manager, Thoughtworks
Amy Gawronski Zuccaro
Head of Design Operations for New Ventures & Technologies, SAP

Workshop Instructors

Patrizia Bertini
Associate Director of Design Operations, Babylon Health
Diane Gregorio
Head of Product Experience Operations, DocuSign
Benson Low
Senior Manager, Research and Design Ops, REA Group
Dan Mall
Founder + CEO, SuperFriendly
Brigette Metzler
ResearchOps Lead, Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Water, and Environment
Cami Reyes
Design Operations Specialist, Docusign

Conference Curators

Bud Caddell
Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, NOBL
Kristin Skinner
Co-author, Org Design for Design Orgs
Alana Washington
Senior Design Manager, Uber Freight

Conference Staff

Bria Alexander
Design Program Manager, Adobe
MJ Broadbent
CX Design Leader, Graphic Facilitator, Virtual Scribe
Melissa Burnett
Lead Facilitator
Lauren Cantor
Business Strategist, Freelance Consultant, Field & Edge, LLC
Karen Corbett
Senior Operations Manager, Rosenfeld Media
Adeline Crites-Moore
Associate Marketing Director, Rosenfeld Media
Kei Inaba
Business and Project Analyst, Kastling Group
Michelle Kaplan
Director Business Development, UX Training & Event Sponsorships at Rosenfeld Media
Elle Kyle
Operations Coordinator, Rosenfeld Media
Dave Malouf
Director of Design Operations, Teladoc Health
Ilona Posner
Cohort Facilitator
Ed Rosenfeld
Principal and COO, Rosenfeld Media
Lou Rosenfeld
Principal, Rosenfeld Media
Jason Shuler
Digital Content Marketer, Rosenfeld Media

Cohort Facilitators

Vianka Aloras
UX Director, On-Property Digital Experiences, Marriott
Sam Anderson
Director of Design Systems, USAA
Angelos Arnis
DesignOps Lead, Posti Group
Owen Bergwall
Senior Experience Designer and UX Lead, Publicis Sapient
Sandeep Chahal
Senior Service Designer, Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Georgiy Chernyavsky
Senior Product Designer, Citrix
Jef Desourdy
Manager, User Experience Design, CN
Red Dolan
DesignOps Lead, Staff Product Designer, VMware
Dante Guintu
DesignOps, IBM Sterling
Andrew Heber
User Experience Lead, ZS
Dave Hoffer
Managing Director - Inclusive Design and Accessibility, PwC
Dave Huber
Design Practices Lead, IBM
Kristen Ingels
Senior Design Program Manager, Zillow
Jenna Lawrence
Lead UX/UI and Visual Designer, Design Thinking and DesignOps Educator, Consultant and Certified Cloud Practitioner, IBM
Sébastien Malo
Sr Manager Technology Enablement, CN
Devin O’Bryan
Design Lead, Modeler Flows for Watson Studio, IBM
Heather Palmer
Design Program Manager, Zillow
Craig Perlmutter
Lead Research Program Manager, MURAL
Katie Pitello
Sr Design Program Manager, MongoDB
Kristen Ramirez
Experience Designer, Procore Technologies
Greg Richards
UX Design Director, IBM
Farid Sabitov
Lead Experience Designer, EPAM Systems
Daphne Taranto
Marketing Program Manager, Candid
Nicole Taylor
DesignOps Director, Chief Design Office, USAA
Bob Turnbull
Design Manager, IBM
Brian Verhoeven
Head of Design Operations, Morningstar, Inc.
David Williams
Design Program Manager, IBM Automation
Changying (Z) Zheng
DesignOps Lead, Cloudflare