Psychology for Digital Product Design

By Amy Bucher

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  • Why are some digital experiences utterly entrancing, while others can’t hold people’s attention for more than a few minutes? The answer lies in the psychology of engagement. Human beings are motivated by experiences that fuel core psychological needs. Whether you’ve studied psychology or are new to behavior change, you can incorporate these principles into your products to help people achieve meaningful goals, learn and grow, and connect with one another. This book offers practical tips for applying the psychology of engagement so your users fall in love with your product.

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    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1: The Magic of Psychology
    Chapter 2: Personally Meaningful Choices
    Chapter 3: Optimal Decision-Making
    Chapter 4: What’s Blocking Ability?
    Chapter 5: Overcoming Obstacles
    Chapter 6: Growth and Progress
    Chapter 7: Design for the Future Self
    Chapter 8: Social Connections
    Chapter 9: Reassuring Experiences
    Chapter 10: Measurement and Monitoring
    Chapter 11: Using Behavior Change Design