Design for Impact Cover

Design for Impact

Conversion Design Theory, Tips, and Tools to Drive Business Impact

By Erin Weigel

To be published: 2024

Many people make design decisions based on personal opinion, which is often ineffective. But proven visual, content, and interaction tweaks can boost sales by millions.

Why? Because customer-centered design combined with the scientific method makes products quantifiably better. As products improve, both businesses and their customers thrive. And making things better—not just different—is the heart of conversion design.

This book guides digital Designers, UXers, Marketers, and Conversion Rate Optimizers to leverage design and testing to drive business impact with…

  • A proven process to maximize customer and business value,
  • Testing principles and experiment examples,
  • A cultural framework to scale the approach, and
  • A toolkit to get you started.

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Table of Contents

What conversion design is, and why it’s useful

Chapter One: Stop guessing—learn to “know”
Chapter Two: The conversion design process

Understand, hypothesize, and prioritize

Chapter Three: Understand
Chapter Four: Hypothesize
Chapter Five: Prioritize

Design and develop

Chapter Six: Grab customer attention with great content
Chapter Seven: Keep people reading with legible typography
Chapter Eight: Color use to compel customer conversion
Chapter Nine: Information architecture (iA) and interaction design (iXd) to usher people through
Chapter Ten: Spacing strategies to make every pixel count
Chapter Eleven: Conquer the world with localization
Chapter Twelve: Usher users to their end goal with a seamless, bug-free experience

Test, analyze, and decide

Chapter Thirteen: Show your change to enough people
Chapter Fourteen: Analyze
Chapter Fifteen: Decide

How to scale conversion design

Chapter Sixteen: Experimentation culture as a business strategy