Surveys That Work Cover

Surveys That Work

A Practical Guide for Designing Better Surveys

By Caroline Jarrett

To be published: 2021

Surveys That Work explains a seven-step process for designing, running, and reporting on a survey that gets accurate results. In a no-nonsense style with plenty of examples about real-world compromises, the book focuses on reducing the errors that make up Total Survey Error—a key concept in survey methodology. If you are conducting a survey, this book is a must-have.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 0: Definitions Chapter: What Is a Survey? And the Survey Octopus
     Spotlight A: Four Different Types of Surveys
Chapter 1: Goals: Establish Your Goals for the Survey
     Spotlight B: The Net Promoter Score and Correlation
     Spotlight C: Satisfaction
Chapter 2: Sample: Find People Who Will Answer
     Spotlight D: Statistical Significance
Chapter 3: Questions: Write and Test the Questions
     Spotlight E: Privacy
     Spotlight F: Questions to Ask When You Choose a Survey Tool
     Spotlight G: Choose Your Mode—Web, Paper, or Something Else?
Chapter 4: Questionnaire: Build and Test the Questionnaire
     Spotlight H: On a Scale from 1 to 5: (Likert and Rating Scales)
Chapter 5: Fieldwork: Get People to Respond
Chapter 6: Responses: Turn Data into Answers
     Spotlight I: A Good Chart Is Easy to Read and Honest
Chapter 7: Reports: Show the Results to Decision-Makers
Chapter 8: The Least You Can Do