Theme One

Systems Thinking

What does it mean to bring a “systems” lens to a complex problem within the enterprise? How can designerly tools and methods help turn “systems thinking” into a natural way of thinking for all? We’ll explore the relationship among systems, services, and experiences that senior designers, researchers, and writers should tap into towards achieving their goals.

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Theme Two

Information Architecture and Knowledge Management

An enterprise’s information is vast, messy, and frustratingly distributed across silos, geographies, and other contexts. How can practices like IA and KM help users find, make sense of, and learn from the content they need? And how can they help UX people and information managers develop and maintain enterprise information environments in a sustainable fashion?

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Theme Three

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

What are AI and ML actually good for in enterprise settings? Can they help UX practitioners make better design decisions–or divert their time and attention to the tough design challenges best left to humans? Can AI/ML help identify and satisfy latent customer needs and stakeholder priorities? What kind of “relationships” should we have with AI in our work as enterprise UX people?

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