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Civic Design 2022
November 16-18—Virtual Conference

A conference for people who work in the intersection of design and the public sector.

Virtual Workshops November 15

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Design in Product

Explore How UX and Product
Can Become Better Partners

UX and product: it’s a famously fraught relationship, with user experience folks often feeling stymied by product’s final say on what gets shipped. Like it or not, product management has an increasingly high profile and often dominates when it comes to product definition and budget.

What if we could flip the script—focusing on collaboration rather than confrontation? How can UX people become more valued and indispensable in product-dominant organizations?

At Design in Product, we’ll explore concrete ways that UX can help product people be more effective in their work, and open the doors to more effective collaboration. We’ll explore the core challenges product people face—from analyzing data and performing growth experiments to business modeling—and demonstrate how better UX can help them succeed and, in turn, increase their respect for what UX brings to the table.

Design in Product