Design at Scale

Scaling in the Face of Uncertainty

June 8-10, 2022—Virtual


Why attend Design at Scale?

  1. A program that will help you pivot from surviving
    uncertainty to understanding and thriving in our
    “new normal”
  2. A virtual conference experience on a par with
    Rosenfeld Media’s acclaimed in-person conferences
  3. Community-driven: created by, with, and for you
  4. Premium content that’s researched, honed, and
    perfected over the course of a year by a team of
    professional curators

Program Themes

Theme 1: Design Practices in Times of Crisis

How does change around us affect how we respond, adapt and
transform as a practice?

Theme 2: Design Processes for a New Normal

How can we adapt to thrive in a time of global change? How can we
transform our processes to support the new normal?

Theme 3: Design People: Caring for Individuals and Teams

With both the new work conditions and Great Resignation upon us, how
do we take care of our people, nurture our teams and help them thrive?


Meet our Sponsors

Design at Scale brings together the best minds in UX, but it can’t happen without our sponsors

"I came away with deep insights and a community that will fuel me for years to come."
—Dan Z., UX Strategist and Information Architect
"This was an amazing experience and I feel totally recharged and inspired to get back to work and put the things I learned into practice."
—Taylor O., Senior Design Program Manager, Instacart
"The talks and workshops were so open, honest, and motivating that I feel like I'm now part of a supportive community. I'm really looking forward to next year!"
—Dan R., Design Manager, Bluebeam
"Hearing from a range of people with the same job as me put my experience into perspective against a defined path with leaders. I've previously felt like just an individual navigating skills and organizations."
—Anna Plumlee, Lead Design Program Management, LinkedIN