Broad Strokes: Connecting Design, Research, and AI to the World Around Us

AI-based modeling plays an ever-increasing role in our daily lives. Our personal data and preferences are being used to build models that serve up anything from movie recommendations to medical services with a precision designed to make life decisions easier. But, what happens when those models are not precise enough or are unusable because of incomplete data, incorrect interpretations, or questionable ethics? What’s more, how do we reconcile the dynamic and iterative nature of AI models (which are developed by a few) with the expansive nature of the human experience (which is defined by many) so that we optimize and scale UX for AI applications equitably?

This talk will push our understanding of the sociotechnical systems that surround AI technologies, including those developing the models (i.e., model creators) and those for whom the models are created (i.e., model customers). What considerations should we keep top of mind? How might the research practice evolve to help us critique and deliver inclusive and responsible AI systems?