Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Who is putting on this event and how was it programmed?

Uday Gajendar is the curator for this event, supported by Lou Rosenfeld, and the Rosenfeld Media team. As with all Rosenfeld Media conferences, we rely heavily on user research to develop our programs and determine our speakers. We also work with speakers iteratively for months to transform their ideas into polished presentations.

The Rosenfeld Media team produces the Enterprise UX Conference, making sure our attendees, speakers, and sponsors enjoy a great conference experience.

Will I be able to ask speakers questions?

Yes; you can post your questions in the conference Slack channel, and we’ll do our best to make sure your questions are addressed by speakers.

What other content will be provided?

As a registered attendee, you’ll receive exclusive access to edited session recordings, as well as sketchnotes, session notes, and decks. These will be posted from 24 hours to one week after the close of the conference on your personal password protected web page.

Are there other activities, like mixers, planned?

You’ll have many opportunities to participate in breakout sessions and other virtual activities such as book clubs, small group sessions, product demonstrations, and fun activities such as happy hour, trivia and other activities carefully designed, curated and facilitated to maximize your virtual user experience during the 3 day Conference.

Will a Code of Conduct be in force?

Yes; you can find it here.

What are your Terms of Service and Refund Policy?

You can find both here.

Virtual Experience

How will I access the virtual conference?

You will log in to your account on the website to view the conference livestream, and you’ll engage in discussion via Slack.

Will the conference be recorded?

Yes, the recordings of the main conference program will be made available exclusively to paid conference attendees for one month via a password-protected area of our website. You’ll also receive exclusive access to sketchnotes, session notes, decks, and other conference-related materials.

Will I be able to share the livestream with others?

No. Additional tickets can be purchased if a team member wishes to participate in live Q&A and discussion, view session recordings, and access session notes, sketchnotes and decks for 30 days after the conference.

Do I need any special technology to access the virtual conference?

You’ll be able to access the conference livestream by logging onto our site via a web browser. You will also be able to participate in discussions and live Q&A with the speakers in Slack. Other networking and sponsor-led activities will be available via Zoom; you will need a free Zoom account in order to participate in those sessions.

Will you offer accommodations for people with disabilities?

We will provide automatically generated captions via the livestream. If you need any additional accommodations, please contact customer service.

Attendee Cohorts

What’s an attendee cohort?

Attendee cohorts are small, facilitated groups of about ten attendees aided by two facilitators. Each cohort meets before the conference starts so participants get to know each other and determine shared learning goals. Cohorts check-in each day via Zoom, and discuss the event in private Slack channels during the conference.

How do I join a cohort?

Cohorts are available to Enterprise UX virtual conference ticket holders only. After registering for the conference, you will receive an email with information about joining. As space is limited, it’s first-come-first-served—so sign up ASAP!

How much does it cost to join a cohort?

There is no fee for participating in a cohort.

Who is participating in each cohort?

Each cohort’s participants are other conference attendees who want to attend the conference, make friends, and learn together.

What’s my role within a cohort?

If you’re participating in a cohort, you’re with peers you’ll want to get to know (and vice versa). And you’ll want to learn with them. Please be an active contributor to the chat discussion, react to the presentations, share relevant articles, and be supportive of each other. In two words: show up!

How should I behave in the cohort?

With the kindness and generosity that you’d like others to offer you. Remember that it’s easy to misinterpret what people say in a purely digital environment. Let your facilitator know if you need help or have concerns. And please familiarize yourself with our Code of Conduct so you know our principles for being together, and procedures if there is a problem.

Who are the cohorts’ facilitators?

Our facilitators are people like you who want to attend Enterprise UX and who have volunteered to facilitate your cohort. Please help them by being an active and generous participant.

How do I get help?

Post a request in your cohort’s Slack channel, or email

What happens after our final wrap up meeting?

We’ll be in touch to find out how your cohort went and how we could improve on the idea. We also plan to keep cohorts’ private Slack channels open indefinitely, so you’ll be able to stay in touch with your cohort.