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Each year brings new advancements, challenges, and opportunities to the DesignOps community, but this time seems much different—for DesignOps people and the design profession in general. It may be high time to reexamine and re-map DesignOps’ context, framing, and direction.

We’re convening some of the leading DesignOps minds to reflect on the current state of our practice and its context and value in digital product and service organizations—and we want you to be a part of it.

Watch the recording of this interactive moderated session with David Malouf, Patrizia Bertini, Peter Boersma, Theresa Slate, Z Zheng, Jon Fukuda, and Bria Alexander. Together we set the roadmap and framed our goals—both for the next DesignOps Summit and, more importantly, for the future of the DesignOps craft.

We spent time together mapping out new scenarios for DesignOps in Figjam, and we opened up the DesignOps Summit’s Call for Participation during the session.