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Boon Sheridan
Content strategy and information architecture provocateur

About Boon

Boon Sheridan loves solving problems and sharing stories. He brings over 15 years of design and strategy experience to life in words, pictures, personas, maps, flows, workshops, and the occasional voice-over. As a card-carrying geek, Boon hates duplicating efforts. Over the years he’s taken apart the way he and his teams work, found common goals and mapped where overlaps occurred. Now he adds a pinch of audience needs and content models into persona dimensions, sprinkles site goals and structure into editorial plans and sleeps much better at night.

Over the years he’s crafted content strategies for financial services, developed design cookbooks for insurance companies, designed applications for hotel giants, created customer journeys for entertainment powerhouses, and helped startups clarify their vision and ideas.

He’s spoken about UX and design at places like EuroIA, MidwestUX, The MIMA Summit, UCLA and more. He holds a BA in English Literature from Wheaton College and has a “to read” stack that seems to get smaller.