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Amy Wells

Amy Grace Wells has been a content strategist, UX designer, marketing manager, karate sensei, deaf interpreter, among other things. Perhaps it should have been obvious, but she did not receive an ADHD diagnosis until the age of 35. Since diagnosis, she’s been on a journey to understand how her brain works and help others expand their understanding of neurodiversity.

Amy Grace leads the content design team at 10up where she works with a variety of organizations including higher education, non-profit, publishers, and Fortune 500 corporations. She started and continues to lead 10up’s neurodivergent employee resource group.

She is a frequent speaker at content strategy, UX, and higher education conferences and holds graduate degrees in higher education and user experience designs. Outside of work, she is rescuing cats, chasing her toddler, and contemplating yet another new hobby. She currently resides in Louisville, Kentucky.