Our mission is to unleash potential at the intersection of people, business, information, technology, and design. We partner with enterprise organizations to create user-centered solutions and integrate design principles and best practices into the software development process for optimized experiences and business impact at scale.

Our goal is to help organizations we work with to:

  • Adopt human-centered design best practices
  • Implement scalable research and design operations
  • Improve digital transformation outcomes
  • Drive adoption and user acquisition
  • Build optimal conditions for creating human-centered solutions
  • Empower design teams with integrated research and design information management systems
  • Design highly intuitive, user-centered products and services that improve the way people work
Design-Integration Report - 6 Best practices to Build a Design-Integrated Business

UX design study reveals 86% of companies fail to integrate design across the organization, forfeiting business benefits

According to research findings released today by Limina, only 14% of today’s organizations are considered Design-Integrated businesses; embedding a human-centered design culture into their organizations to gain both exceptional customer experiences as well as business and financial goals. This study outlines how business leaders can achieve Design-Integration, and how to maximize the business value of human-centered design.

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Rosenfeld Media Interviews Ellie Krysl, Design Practice Lead at Limina

We asked Ellie Krysl, Design Practice Lead at Limina, some questions that get at the heart of why they’re passionate about enterprise design, what it’s like to work at Limina, and what makes their products and services special to enterprise professionals.

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Episode 5 - Change, The Hidden Power of Design with Maria Giudice

In this episode of The Limina Podcast, we speak with Maria Giudice, co-author of Changemakers, How Leaders Can Design Change in an Insanely Complex World. Listen as we discuss the path to strategic business leadership from a background in design. A leader’s capacity to manage change can be the difference that makes or breaks a company’s pivot to new technologies and business innovations. Maria digs deep into the benefits human-centered design can bring to change leadership.

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Looking for ways to improve your design planning and management process and tools? We’ve got you covered. Talk with our experts about ways to optimize design planning and management

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Right Thing? Designed Right? Built Right? How do you know it’s designed right?

The answer: Effective design planning and management. Our session introduces a design planning and management tool and discusses how it can empower enterprise teams with clarity and data at every altitude, so you know you are designing the right thing right. Join us for a behind-the-scenes look at design information management and tooling that will help you execute UX at scale.