Videoconference: Why Community is Key to Professionalizing Design

Over the last 5 years, design as a profession has become more established in the public sector. What does it mean to professionalize design? And how does community play a part? Jaskiran Kang, Head of Service Design at TPXImpact shares her experience moving into government from the private sector, leading design at the Department for Education, and building community to further design practice.

About our speaker:

Jaskiran Kang is a designer with fifteen years experience working with digital products and services. She’s worked in e-commerce, finance, and now the public sector. She aims to create the right conditions for design to thrive. Building, collaborating and sharing as one strong community. It’s helping each designer, the profession, and the department deliver better outcomes for the people we serve. 

Jas is the former head of design at the UK’s Department for Education, responsible for the service and interaction design professions. She is now the Head of Service Design at TPXImpact.