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June 11, 11am-12pm ET

Remote User Research: Dos and Don'ts from the Virtual Field

Sarah Rink, UX Research Director at Sngular

Faced with the coronavirus crisis, the world switched from office to remote work almost overnight. Likewise, many design teams suddenly found themselves having to conduct user research remotely. In this talk, Sarah will share eight years of trial and error experience, and top tools and tips for doing remote qualitative research well.

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July 16, 4-5pm ET

What Research Ops Professionals Have Learned from COVID-19

COVID-19 Research Ops Panel

Advancing Research Conference

The Advancing Research 2020 Conference Reading List

A lot of great books were mentioned during the inaugural Advancing Research conference (some written by our presenters!) and after seeing so much enthusiasm for swapping recommendations, we started a slack channel dedicated to great reads. Please join our Advancing Research community for access to our Slack (plus invitations to free monthly videoconferences and first dibs on conference tickets.)

Advancing Research 2020

A new conference for people who do research. March 30-April 1, 2020 at Museum of the Moving Image in NYC.

News and Updates

What Research Ops Professionals Are Doing in Response to COVID-19

Kate Towsey

COVID-19 has had an impact on just about everything we know. Thirteen Research Operations professionals around the world share how they’re adjusting their operations to help deliver research during COVID-19.

A Fundamental Mind Shift For Usability Testing

Jared Spool

Jared Spool challenges the notion of the five to eight user myth and asks us to make a fundamental shift in how we think of user research. He proposes that the real value of user research comes from increasing our understanding of who our users are, not from taking a quality assurance approach to research.

How we researched the Advancing Research Conference

Our survey ran from July 2-15, 2019, and 721 people responded. We’ve summarized the results below, and have made our quantitative data available for analysis via Tableau.

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