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December 12, 4pm ET: "Paying Better Attention to the Problem" with Indi Young

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Advancing Research 2020

A new conference for people who do research. March 30-April 1, 2020 at Museum of the Moving Image in NYC.

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How we researched the Advancing Research Conference

Our survey ran from July 2-15, 2019, and 721 people responded. We’ve summarized the results below, and have made our quantitative data available for analysis via Tableau.

Community Curators

Louis Rosenfeld

Like many user experience folk, Lou started somewhere (library science), made his way somewhere else (information architecture), and has ended up in an entirely different place (publishing). Lou spent most of his career in information architecture consulting, first as founder of Argus Associates and later as an independent consultant. He co-founded the Information Architecture Institute and the IA Summit.
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