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Upcoming Videoconferences

June 13, 11am ET with Amy Bucher: Organizing Design Research Using COM-B

Want to get people to do something specific? The COM-B model of behavior change, which considers how capability, opportunity, and motivation influence behavior, can be used to structure your research process and organize and interpret results so that you can design an experience that works. We’ll look at some tools to make this happen, including research questions you can modify to assess what facilitates or blocks behaviors, grids to organize your findings, and checklists to select the most effective features for your design.

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Rosenfeld Review Podcast

A bird’s eye view into what shifts UX faces, and how individuals and teams can respond in ways that drive success.

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Louis Rosenfeld

Like many user experience folk, Lou started somewhere (library science), made his way somewhere else (information architecture), and has ended up in an entirely different place (publishing). Lou spent most of his career in information architecture consulting, first as founder of Argus Associates and later as an independent consultant. He co-founded the Information Architecture Institute and the IA Summit.
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