Videoconference: Expand—Rethinking Design for Public Challenges

As the problems facing society are getting thornier by the day, how do we bring design up to speed? Design thinking, as we have come to know it, needs to be rethought and expanded to enable more radical, systemic and long-term solutions. Christian Bason, Ph.D., CEO of the Danish Design Center, shares insights from his new book, “Expand: Stretching the Future by Design”, co-authored with Jens Martin Skibsted, arguing that innovation is in dire need of — innovation.

About our speaker:

Christian Bason, CEO, leads the Danish Design Center (DDC), an independent non-profit foundation. Backed by the Danish government, DDC builds capacity for innovation and sustainable growth by design. Previously, Christian was Director of MindLab, the Danish government’s innovation team, and business manager with the global consultancy Ramboll. Christian is the author of seven books on innovation, design and leadership, including Leading Public Design (2017) and has published in amongst other Harvard Business Review and Stanford Social Innovation Review. He teaches executives at amongst others the Henley MBA, the European School of Administration and Copenhagen Business School. Christian is M.Sc. in political science and Ph.D. in design leadership.

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