Research That Scales Cover

Research That Scales

The Research Operations Handbook

By Kate Towsey

To be published: 2023

For the most part, the battle of establishing research teams in organizations is won. For leaders of research, design and product teams, there’s a new challenge: How do you support and scale your research activities to meet the ever-increasing demand and deliver on the promised impact? Around the world, leaders are turning to Research Operations for help.

Research At Scale: the Research Operations Handbook will help you find your operational muscle – even if you don’t think you have one. Within these pages, you’ll find the information you need to confidently deliver operations that will help you build a research practice that is scalable, ethical, efficient and impactful, whether you’re a team of five or five hundred.

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Table of Contents

Section 1

Chapter 1: Mistakes and Master Strokes

Section 2: Setting Foundations and Fundamental Concepts

Chapter 2: Research Ops Isn’t Research Strategy
Chapter 3: Self-service vs. Full-service Operations
Chapter 4: The Three Bs of Operations: Build, Buy, Broker

Section 3: Research Maturity and Ops

Chapter 5: When to Operationalize: A Maturity Map
Chapter 6: Find Your Place on the Map

Section 4: The Twelve Elements of Research Ops

Chapter 7: Participant Recruitment
Chapter 8: Data Governance
Chapter 9: Knowledge Management
Chapter 10: Research Spaces
Chapter 11: Guidelines and Templates
Chapter 12: Tools and Technology–Implementation and Management
Chapter 13: Finances: Getting the Money Right
Chapter 14: Capability and Opportunity
Chapter 15: Impact and Engagement
Chapter 16: Event Management
Chapter 17: Team Care

Section 5: Common Pitfalls

Chapter 18: Underestimate at Your Peril
Chapter 19: Professionalizing Unprofessional Research
Chapter 20: Goldilocks Ops

Section 6: Ready. Set. Go. And keep going.

Chapter 21: Get Buy-in to Get Going (and Keep Going)
Chapter 22: Grow Your Team Right: Skilling up for Operations
Chapter 23: Measure your Ops
Chapter 24: Build for Organizational Resilience