Deliberate Intervention Cover

Deliberate Intervention

Using Policy and Design to Navigate the Harms of New Technology

By Alexandra Schmidt

To be published: 2022

New designs and technologies have always emerged into the world unbound and unregulated. Little by little, as their implications become apparent, they come to be addressed by governance systems meant to ensure the well-being of the public. But what happens when technology moves so fast that regulation can’t keep up? Today, designers, engineers and companies on the front lines of emerging tech increasingly do the ad hoc work of creating policy. This is a book for both designers and policy makers to think more deeply about how their work intersects, and to consider how these two spheres can work together to create tools and rules that exist to serve the public interest.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: A hypothetical view of the future: how policy and design shape the
Chapter 2: Policy basics, design basics
Chapter 3: Historical policy overview
Chapter 4: Unconstrained spaces and how guidelines come to be
Chapter 5: The beginning of outside regulation
Chapter 6: Design in policy constrained spaces
Chapter 7: Enterprise design and the policy space
Chapter 8: Zipper approaches for policy and design
Chapter 9: Using design to create better policy