Design For Care

Innovating Healthcare Experience  

by Peter Jones

Design for Care


"This game-changing book helps unlock one of the most complex and intractable issues of our time. In a clear and insightful text, Peter Jones uses evocative human stories to illustrate where—and why—the systems of healthcare need to be fixed. If modern healthcare is a disaster zone, Design for Care is the rescue service we've been waiting for."
John Thackara, author of In the Bubble

"Healthcare delivery and experience innovation is the new core competency of organizations that will survive the current healthcare transformation. Design for Care is an outstanding addition to current best practice in the field."
Sam Basta, MD, MMM, FACP, CPE, Founder of Healthcare Innovation by Design

"This useful book offers an approach to introducing and integrating human-centered design and systems thinking for future healthcare experiences, with numerous cases of relevant methods, tools, and techniques. Design for Care is simultaneously pragmatic and forward thinking. The implications for the education of future design professionals are immense."
Liz Sanders, Associate Professor in Design at The Ohio State University

"This book is the cure for the disease that many have even yet to recognize—that is, the lack of application of systemic design thinking in healthcare. Peter Jones has laid out a clear plan of action that frames today's problems as tomorrow's opportunities and innovations. When we use healthcare services, we want—no, need—this design-led revolution to bring us individually and collectively into a safer, healthier, and better place."
Robert M. Schumacher, Managing Director at User Centric

"Peter Jones courageously builds bridges between design methods and medical informatics. Those who follow him across the existing chasm will strengthen the care in healthcare, thereby improving the lives of patients and caregivers."
Ben Shneiderman, University of Maryland

"Design for Care offers a unique perspective into how a caring mindset in design can promote compassion, health, and wellness, both within and beyond the healthcare system. This book aims to bridge the gaps among design, technology, and health, and is an invaluable resource to me as a health professional and entrepreneur."
Andrea Yip, MPH, The Public Health Studio

"Peter Jones tackles hugely important and complex issues in a way that helps us move beyond limitations of user-centered design, design thinking, and human factors to suggest a holistic approach for designing in the realm of health and medicine, addressing emotional, ethical, and scientific concerns. He brings to bear recent thinking in social and cognitive sciences with the rigor and empathy demanded by designing for these massively life-impacting situations."
David Cronin, Director of Interaction Design at General Electric, and co-author of About Face 3