Interaction Design: 10x Faster, 10x Better

Many designers jump to sketching and prototyping before they understand and define the application at a conceptual level (known as the grammar layer in Semantic IxD). The result is incoherent, overly complex applications with an order of magnitude more screens than necessary. The goal of UX Magic is to teach the Semantic IxD Method to enable UX practitioners achieve their objective with the minimum number of screens and the shortest task flows before the first UX sketches are even produced.

What you’ll learn

  • How to define the Grammar level (aka the conceptual model)
  • How to determine the optimal design pattern selection once the model is defined.
  • The science and method to selecting the optimal UX design patterns to visualize the grammar, once again continuing to minimize cognitive load as the design process progresses.
  • How grammar actions guide the user from one design pattern to another to complete their tasks.
  • How to execute a precise and consistent articulation of the grammar within the flow design based on the fewest number of conceptual objects to insure the shortest flows with the fewest screens.

Who should attend

This course is intended for software designers and developers of all levels of experience, as well as usability testers, development managers, and product managers who are responsible for digital products or services.


$845 early bird, sales end July 26, 2022
$895 regular, sales end August 3, 2022