Dan Rosenberg
Chief Design Officer, rCDO UX Consulting
Adjunct Professor, San Jose State University

Daniel Rosenberg is a well-known UX designer, author and educator, whose design career has spanned over 4 decades. He is currently a professor at San Jose State in the Human Factors Engineering program where he specializes in teaching IxD.

In 2019 Dan received the ACM SigCHI Lifetime Practice award for his numerous educational, technical and leadership contributions to the HCI field. He is credited with inventing many of the common design patterns used in GUI’s today.

In 1990 he published Human Factors in Product Design, the first textbook to focus Human Factors Engineering towards consumer products. He is also the author of the Interaction Design textbook UX Magic the Semantic IxD method. It extends the practice of conceptual models into the visualization, flow, game theory and graphic design dimensions of IxD practice. In addition, for over 18 years Dan was the global UX “design executive” at two of the world’s largest software companies, Oracle and SAP, so he has a great deal of experience applying different design techniques in the real world.

More info can be found on his website.