Interaction Design Day 1

Session Details

Session 1a: Introduction, Overview & Grammar design layer

(1.5 hours)

  • Intros and overview of the workshop structure
  • Intro to The 4 layers of Semantic IxD
  • Short break

Session 1b: Layer 1 – Semantic Grammar Design

(2 hours)

  • What conceptual models are, and how they can improve the UI design process
  • Benefits of conceptual analysis: object taxonomy, lexicon, task scenarios, object-model
  • Object/operations analysis technique (a major part of designing a conceptual model)
  • How to refine, prioritize, and optimize the CM to minimize users’ cognitive load and meet business objectives
  • Review examples conceptual model for a few applications I have designed
  • Hands-on exercise designing a conceptual model grammar for a simple app
  • Review exercise results in class
  • Wrap up and review of the session learnings
  • Set expectations for next session with a mini preview