Need to convince your boss to send you and your colleagues to Enterprise UX? Here are three benefits your company gains from your time at Enterprise UX.

Benefit #1: Bring back knowledge your team needs to succeed in enterprise design

  • Enterprise UX addresses four challenges every enterprise struggles with when creating better products and more productive teams. These themes were vetted through user research, so you can feel confident that you’ll head back with ideas that are relevant to your organization.
  • Enterprise UX offers a variety of learning opportunities. These include two keynotes, twelve presentations, four workshops and eight raucous short-storytelling sessions. Plus a range of topic tables, parties and social activities designed to foster meaningful discussion with other enterprise professionals.
  • Our workshops are taught by acclaimed experts with proven track records in the enterprise world. These hands on sessions cover enterprise-critical topics like facilitation, design systems, and organizational change.

Benefit #2: Learn from proven innovators in the field

  • Past speakers have driven enterprise innovation at organizations like: SAP, GE Healthcare, Microsoft, Google, the US Department of Veterans Affairs, and Pacific Gas & Electric.
  • Many of the speakers have written the defining books on design, research and UX. You’ll glean lessons learned from the experts working at the forefront of enterprise UX.
  • As the only in-person conference of enterprise design professionals, you’ll meet hundred of like-minded peers from around the world. You’ll meet and exchange ideas, and get perspectives on challenges you wouldn’t think of on your own.

Benefit #3: Build a cohort of the brightest minds working in enterprise design today.

  • 60% of attendees hold mid- and senior-level enterprise design positions.

What does it cost?

Here’s an estimate of what Enterprise UX 2018 will cost in US Dollars:

  • $1,525 ($1,725 after March 18): Two-day main program (June 14-15)
  • $620 ($670 after March 18): Optional one-day workshop (June 13)
  • $1,135: Three nights at the Palace Hotel (at $325 + tax); reserve by May 18 for discounted rate)
  • $100: Estimated meals and incidentals (we’re providing most meals)
  • $400: Estimated RT airfare from New York
  • $120: Estimated taxi to and from airport
  • TOTAL: $3,900 ($4,150 after March 18): Estimated total for attending Enterprise UX 2018, including one workshop

Tell your boss what we hear from past attendees every year: you’ll return inspired with new approaches to solve the most difficult challenges.

Enterprise UX conferences (2015, 2016, and 2017) have sold out every year—and we expect to again. We hope you’ll join us!

If you have extra questions or need more help, just let us know.

Join us June 13-15 in San Francisco!