Uday Gajendar Principal Designer, Peel

Uday Gajendar is currently Principal Designer at Peel, defining what’s next for Mobile + IoT user experience in TV & Home control. Previously, Uday was Director of UX at CloudPhysics, a startup where he brought beauty & soul to data analytics for IT Admins. Before that, while at Citrix nearly 5 years, he helped transform a traditional IT infrastructure company into a design thinking powerhouse, via shipped concepts and cross-team workshops. Uday has 12+ years of versatile experience at Oracle, BEA, Adobe, Frog, and Cisco, from enterprise to consumer, desktop to mobile. He also regularly writes for ACM Interactions and speaks worldwide on design topics at SXSW, UX Australia, IxDA, IA Summit and other venues. You can read Uday’s reflections on design at his blog, www.ghostinthepixel.com.

Uday is one of our program organizers, and is speaking as part of our Craft amid Complexity theme.