MJ Broadbent Design Director – Transportation, GE Software

MJ recently joined GE Software as the Design Director for Transportation, where her team is responsible for custom software solutions that connect people, data and machines via Predix, GE’s Industrial Internet platform. Over the previous 25 years, MJ’s design expertise and leadership has benefited organizations such as Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The College Board, Johnson & Johnson, The McGraw-Hill Companies (including Standard & Poor’s), Pfizer, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Sony Electronics, and the United Nations.

Central among MJ’s numerous professional affiliations are the International Forum of Visual Practitioners (IFVP) and the Interaction Design Association (IxDA). Having programmed IxDA New York City local events starting in 2008, she went on to co-chair IxDA’s annual global conference in 2011 (Interaction11) and served on IxDA’s Board of Directors from 2011-2014 in the office of Treasurer. Because community organizing seems to be in her DNA, she’s currently a member of the UX STRAT Advisory Board.

MJ earned her BS in graphic design from University of Cincinnati’s DAAP College. As an evangelist for sketching and visual thinking, she coaches people in reclaiming their innate drawing skills through instructional workshops of her own design. MJ enjoys visual explanations of all kinds and creating sketchnotes is one of her favorite things to do. People often tell her she has incredibly neat handwriting.

MJ will be our Visual Scribe.