Founded in 2006, DesignMap is a product strategy and experience design consultancy. We help teams use design to go from mess to meaning—especially in complex B2B and B2B2C spaces. DesignMap’s senior team of strategists, designers, and researchers confidently explore uncharted territory in domains like technology, healthcare, and finance. It’s why visionary companies trust us to view strategic business challenges through a design lens—so they can map a future that aligns and inspires. Our curious team loves to delve into ambiguity, to understand complicated things and illuminate them. Explore the possibilities with us.


Shadow Design–Where Else is Design Happening in Your Organization?

Companies are spending millions of dollars on shadow design teams (aka non-designers doing design work). Audrey Crane at DesignMap recently spoke to Rosenfeld’s Enterprise Experience to share the concept and the tools we’ve used to measure how much shadow design is happening in a client’s organization.