Gregory Petroff
VP, Chief Design Officer, Cisco Secure, Cisco

Greg Petroff is a highly accomplished design and technology leader with extensive experience in user experience design, product management, and innovation strategy. He has held senior leadership positions at some of the world’s leading companies, including SAP, GE, Google, Servicenow, Compass and Cisco.

Petroff’s career in design and technology began in the mid-1990s, and since then, he has worked on a wide range of projects across multiple industries, including healthcare, finance, retail, and transportation. Throughout his career, he has been a passionate advocate for user-centered design and has played a key role in shaping the direction of many successful products and services.

Petroff is now the Chief Design Officer at Cisco Secure where he curates the overall experience for Cisco’s Security product portfolio.

Prior to joining Cisco, Petroff has held roles as the SVP Head of Design at Compass, VP Global Head of Design for ServiceNow, GM of Experience for Google Cloud, Chief Experience Officer at GE Digital, and VP of Product at SAP.

Throughout his career, Petroff has been recognized for his contributions to the field of design and technology. He is a founding board member of the Interaction Design Association, chair of the Interaction09 Conference, a former board member of the Industrial Internet Consortium, Open Connectivity Foundation and Open Fog Consortium. Petroff is a frequent speaker and thought leader on design, innovation, and the future of work.

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