Convince your Boss

We get it: personal development budgets are being slashed left and right. But Enterprise UX is a unique learning opportunity: it’s reasonably-priced (especially as it’s virtual, so no travel or hotel required), and it’s absolutely packed with content of the highest quality. As we’re naturally helpful people, we’ve crafted a template (below) that you can use to convince your boss. Adapt it as needed! And please get in touch if you need a little extra help from our team.



Hey Boss, 

I’d really like to attend Enterprise UX 2023. It’s a virtual conference that takes place June 6-7, and was conceived to help UX practitioners (like me) gain the superpowers we need to scale up our impact in large organizations (like ours). Here’s why you should buy me a ticket:

  • At less than US$60/month over the course of a year, it’s a very reasonable investment to make in… me!
  • There’s no travel involved, so no hotel, flights, meals, or ground transportation to cover. And no redeye flight means I’ll be as fresh as a daisy the next day and ready to tell the team everything I’ve learned. Speaking of which…
  • …I’ll come back to work with everything I need to share-out: the Rosenfeld folks provide us with written notes, sketchnotes, resource lists, decks, and recordings for EVERY session! And I won’t miss anything either, as it’s a single-track event.
  • The program is top-notch. The curators have spent half a year researching and designing the program, finding speakers, and preparing them. They go out of their way to discover new, diverse voices—and there is absolutely no pay for play programming. It’s also meaty stuff: they emphasize advanced material over 101 content.
  • The conference offers innovative networking through small attendee cohorts–which makes learning a social activity–and there are other great networking events available that have been custom-designed for virtual.
  • If our org’s goals are to help designers/researchers/writers like me amplify our impact in complex enterprise environments, Enterprise UX is really a no-brainer! They’re addressing the four areas that enable UXers to scale up their work: AI, information architecture, systems thinking, and designing with data.

The event is put on by Rosenfeld Media, which has been producing UX conferences–in-person and virtual–for ten years. They’re known for their excellent UX books, and use that same highly curated approach to designing conferences as well. People have nice things to say about their events; I hope I might get the chance to attend one of them?