Videoconference: People Are Sick of Change: Psychological Safety is the Cure

At the heart of any organization, people are the driving force.

And people are exhausted, depleted, languishing, detached, and burned out from continuous change. The tech layoffs, bank collapses, org restructuring, and being asked to do more with less have challenged workers in ways like never before.

There is a global human energy crisis, and creating a culture of psychological safety is the cure.

About our speaker:

Alla Weinberg is the CEO of SPOKE & WHEEL, a culture design & people development company that builds cultures of safety.

She is a culture designer & author who has incorporated her design background with the principles of neuroscience, positive psychology, and relationship research to offer the most customized and compassionate cultural solutions available.

In her book, A Culture of Safety: Building an Environment for People to Think, Collaborate, and Innovate, Alla delves into the tools, practices, and rituals that help leaders create physical, emotional, & psychological safety.