Making Good Trouble: DesignOps Summit co-curator Alana Washington

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    Alana Washington and Lou embark on a really wide-ranging conversation, touching on:

    • The changing nature of work in the time of pandemic,
    • How we can handle the intersection of our personal and private lives when working remotely,
    • The restorative power of something as simple as putting down the phone and holding a physical book, and
    • How DesignOps can help businesses enact more human-based processes.

    Alana serves as a Senior Design Program Manager at Uber Freight. She’s also part of the DesignOps Summit 2020 curation team. The team is looking to frame the program against the difficult backdrop of these challenging times, when designers need more support than ever before. That’s why resilience is our theme for DesignOps 2020; we’ll explore design operations’ role in helping individual designers, design teams, and entire organizations adapt, survive, and thrive.

    Alana’s recommended resources:

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