Compass is transforming the real estate industry with technology and talent. The Compass platform helps real estate agents manage and grow their business with innovative workflow, customer relationship, and marketing tools. Design plays a key role in making the platform intuitive, powerful, and empowering. Boosted by an entrepreneurial and creative culture, research, design, and content learn from and focus on customers and collaboration to build experiences that help home buyers, sellers, and agents succeed.

Interested in our growing design team? Visit our sponsor sessions and learn how design makes a difference for Compass and our customers.

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Rosenfeld Media interviews Greg Petroff of Compass

We asked Greg Petroff, Senior Vice President of Design and UX Research, at Compass some questions that get at the heart of why they’re passionate about enterprise design, what it’s like to work at [company], and what makes their products and services special to enterprise professionals.

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Design is the Key Differentiator

Technology and design are at the heart of the innovations Compass delivers to thousands of real estate agents. Don’t miss Compass Founder and CEO Robert Reffkin and SVP Design & UXR Greg Petroff as they discuss Design is the key Differentiator… bringing new design and research innovations to a very antiquated and very large industry. Hear about the Compass culture of learning and collaboration that is at the core of our high-performing design teams. Wed 6/9 @ 9:30am PT.

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See How Compass is Transforming the Real Estate Industry

Compass Design Leaders like Greg Petroff, Amy Jiménez Márquez, Michael Haggerty-Villa (and more) plus our CEO Robert Reffkin are ready to talk shop! Find out how, why and what it takes to create a top notch design organization intent on bringing design and research innovations to a very antiquated and very large industry.

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Technology and design are at the heart of the innovations Compass delivers to thousands of real estate agents. Compass Founder and CEO Robert Reffkin and Sr VP of Design & UXR Greg Petroff chat about the industry and the opportunity for design to make a difference.

  • Learn how technology and design make Compass stand out and deliver digital innovations in a massive industry.
  • Hear about the Compass culture of learning and collaboration that is at the core of high-performing design teams.
  • See how design scales its efforts with the help of product and engineering partners and a powerful set of entrepreneurial principles.

Enterprises like Compass need to design experiences for an incredibly diverse audience. These customers pose challenges to our ideas about happy paths and edge cases. How do we build tools for customers with such diverse needs and wants? And how do we build the right teams with the broad perspectives that can best serve these customers?

  • Learn how research can build diverse perspectives and backgrounds into user testing and other research methods.
  • Understand how designing tools for diverse and justifiably demanding customers helps make product design better.
  • Expand our notions of diversity both within the enterprise and with all the customers that the enterprise serves.

One of the strongest ways of making sure your customer experiences are accessible is to broaden the definition of accessibility for everyone at your organisation. Here are practical steps to make it happen, from visual and interaction design to content and code.

  • Expose how some interpretations of a11y should be exceeded and practical steps to learn about accessibility as a topic.
  • Real product stories relating to accessibility.
  • Understand how design, content, and code work together to make accessible experiences that are better for all customers.

Chances are good that every department in your enterprise already uses some design thinking tactics in their work. Helping these other partners and departments understand the power of this design thinking is a key to scaling the influence of the design organization and infusing the entire enterprise with more creative problem-solving, collaboration, and purposeful fun.

  • Define design thinking for your design org and also understand how it applies to product management, engineering, marketing, and other departments.
  • Hear about tactics for sharing design thinking and its positive results with partners across your organization.
  • See how design thinking can be built into the systems that fuel design, product development, and critical business processes such as planning.

Let’s talk about design careers–and about doing design work under the influence of just the right amount of caffeine. These Compass design leaders guide you through a discussion of a day in the life of product designers at a fast-growing enterprise. And they’ll also talk about their journeys getting there.

  • Hear about design and career opportunities in a technology company that is bringing meaningful disruption to real estate.
  • See what it’s like to design beautiful productivity tools for real estate agents and an industry that seems to thrive on complexity.
  • Get insight into how your own career path is reflected in the many paths that lead to good product design.

Research helps us understand the customer’s needs, behaviors, and attitudes, design meets those needs through interaction and visual expertise, and content helps make sure the entire experience is expressed in the customer’s language. It seems simple, right? So where does it go wrong? Hear from Compass leaders about how misunderstanding these roles leads to poor collaboration and how we can change the way we work together to deliver incredible customer experiences.

  • Hear from leaders in design, content, and research about the most common ways their role is misunderstood and the impact this has on the customer experience.
  • Learn ways design, content, and research can communicate and collaborate better to collectively create better experiences that scale.
  • Get a better understanding of the unique role design, content, and research play in our customer’s lives and how to use each other’s secret powers to deliver better customer outcomes.