Design at Scale brings together the best minds in UX,
but it cannot happen without our sponsors


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Why Sponsor?

Sponsoring the Design at Scale Conference offers you unique opportunities to:

1. Meet the top talent to grow your in-house research expertise

We attract design team leaders and managers (people who select design tools and platforms, hire and onboard designers, manage design operations, develop methodologies for their teams, and represent design in the C-suite), senior leaders, innovators, and strategists (people who invest heavily into building cutting-edge design organizations), and experienced designers. Goldman Sachs, IBM, and LinkedIn sponsor our design conferences as a means of networking with this unique and superior UXD talent pool.

2. Discuss your software products or consulting services with buyers and prospects

Our Design at Scale attendees use cutting-edge design software and hire experienced external UX consultants to assist them in designing products and services that are used by millions of customers. Companies like Atlassian, InVision, Miro, MURAL, UserTesting, and VMware have sponsored Enterprise Experience, Design at Scale’s predecessor, to network with design managers and build your case for your software or consultancy.

3. Demonstrate your organization’s commitment to cutting-edge, impactful design

Sponsoring puts you on the map as one of the leading companies that understands the value of great design—and supports the burgeoning community of designers of all stripes who are advancing the field. Nationwide Insurance and IBM, among others, have found our design conferences and workshops to be ideal settings to acknowledge the huge impact that design makes on their businesses.

4. Keep up the conversation and share product insights with industry leaders

Rosenfeld Media hosts free monthly Enterprise Experience Community videoconferences, which draw as many as 150 participants. Join us to continue participating in the conversation and engaging with its leaders. Indeed, many of our sponsors have become active members of our Communities–learning and sharing with peers, before, during, and after our conferences.

5. Mobilize and inspire your team to work collaboratively and enjoy team-building

Sponsors and exhibitors at Rosenfeld conferences may conduct thought-leading activity sessions for our Design at Scale attendees and our associated Rosenfeld Community. Strategizing to identify your organization’s sales, recruiting, or thought-leadership objectives, followed by designing the specific activities, and then executing on them, combines to create engaging, informational, and collaborative team-building experiences.

6. Partner with conference professionals who are passionate about design

Rosenfeld Media has curated and produced some of the UX world’s game-changing conferences, as well as publishing its best-loved books. We are UX people, and we care deeply about curating and crafting conference programs that change the industry, and ensure a rewarding sponsor experience. Many of our sponsors, including Balsamiq, MURAL, Optimal Workshop, Salesforce, and UXPin, have participated in multiple Rosenfeld conferences.

What Sets Rosenfeld Media's Virtual Sponsorships Apart?